Wednesday, 19 July 2017

The next chapter: new look, new name, same blog

Hello, it's me, Nadya. No, you're not lost—my blog just has a new name and a makeover! How do you like the new look?

In the past few months, I experienced a few changes in my personal and professional life. I switched my focus from freelance writing and editing to pursuing other career options. Along the way I kept my blog, formerly known as Nadya With a Why, and it transformed into a blog about books.

I also wrote personal posts documenting my struggles with writing, and to my surprise, those were the posts that received the most response. After I published this post about struggling to write my first book, I received tons of private messages and texts from people who could relate.

While I slowly made the very tough decision to take a hiatus from freelance writing, I knew I wanted to put more energy and time into my blog. On the surface it sounds like I'm working backwards—going from freelance writing to blogging isn't exactly the most obvious or natural progression in one's writing career—but for now, it's exactly right for me.

And thus, My Literary Lenses was born.

Now that I have all the boring details out the way, here's a little more insight into why I changed the name of my blog and what you can expect from me in the future.

Why I made this change
From a branding (ugh) perspective, my old blog name just wasn't good. Yes it was punny, but it didn't tell readers what my blog is about. Once I had a clearer vision of what I want my blog to be, I knew in my heart I had to change the name to properly reflect the content. The name is both a nod to how we view the world based on our favourite stories...and of course, a reference my glasses.

What you can expect

In addition to book reviews, I will also be writing personal essays about life and writing, interviews with people in the publishing industry and tips and tricks for aspiring writers. I'm also introducing a regular feature on my blog called Writing Wednesdays where I'll talk about anything from getting your start in freelance, writing crushes, challenges, interviews with authors and more.

If you've stuck around with me until now, thank you so much for reading. And to anyone who is new here, please leave a comment below to introduce yourself!



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